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Rich Kids Go Homeless - Dan Legg

Following my articles in The Sun, Metro, Daily Mail, MSN and multiple others; my social media account grew enormously!

With the growth of new followers and people interested in my day to day life I started by creating a few YouTube videos!

I was approached by a production company that work for Channel 5 who asked if I wanted to take part in a series on FIVESTAR called Rich Kids Go Homeless. I wanted to give it a go; I liked the idea of putting myself in a different position in life for 4 days so I could understand what the homeless have to go through.

The 4 days was an absolute emotional rollercoaster but I am so happy that I did it. And I am looking really forward to my episode airing on TV.

I've already had Somerset Live pick up on the story and they created an article that I will link below.

Read the article on Somerset Live by clicking here.

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