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So you're probably thinking; Minecraft?? Wtf?? Let me explain!

Back in 2013 when I was about 13 years old and before Microsoft bought the game people were able to create their own multiplayer servers and host online stores for players to purchase in game items etc. I created my own server primarily for friends and then ended up marketing the server over forum to get more players on, then I discovered there was a market and money to be made so at 13 years of age I managed to set up a website and online store connected to my Mum's PayPal! I was making a few hundred quid a month which at that age I was very pleased about!

2018 - Now


With one sole director; TeamFX created by myself, Dan Legg. After nearly a year of trading independently I decided to compact all my research and knowledge I had obtained in my journey into a written online course that I could sell to people looking to learn how to analyse a chart and the key points about the markets itself. I began creating the beginner course of which I now sell for £330 (lifetime access). You can get more information with the useful links above.

TeamFX now has thousands of students learning from the educational material and products I have put together. It is my most successful business so far and I am really excited to see what it will become over the next few years to come.



2017 - Now


I got into Forex summer of 2017 as soon as I turned 18 (21st August). Both myself and my school friend got into it together as the summer came around after my first year of college. At the time we were both clueless and didn't really know what was going on it was just the hype at the time and we wanted in.

I ended up losing my initial £500 that I had invested into my account and was gutted but knew that it had potential, that's when I took to the internet an attempt to self teach myself something that would effectively help me out financially as I had no qualifications and didn't really have any other options.

What is Forex?

Forex trading is like this, say you were going to America and exchanged £100 for $150 you go to America but don’t spend the money on your return you exchange the $150 for £110. You’ve made £10 more because the exchange rate against the dollar has gone up, that’s what we trade. It’s like stock trading but instead we trade foreign exchange rates, we are able to make these trades from our mobile phones. 

Where did you learn Dan?​

​I actually started learning from YouTube and other online sources but it's so hard as everyone has different strategies and opinions on how to master the market. You have to bundle all the information together and form some of your own decision while testing them for trial and error. Eventually after working in a Thai Restaurant in Cheddar, Somerset I managed to save up a few thousand pounds to give it a second attempt! I had the right mindset this time and knew I wouldn't make millions over night! I became consistent and that's when my trading journey properly began! 

I quit my part time job at the Thai Restaurant and rented a flat in Southampton shortly after!

2019 - Now


Property with no experience this is still a massive learning step for me at the moment and I am taking it slowly. My goal would be to earn enough passive income to retire and still live a luxurious life with a nice pot of money by the age

I started the company Dan Legg Properties 1 year ago, of which is owned by my holdings company to start this dream rolling.

Currently buying, reforming and selling which is going well but also looking at B2L (Buy to Let) and R2R (Rent to Rent). 

As I said I am still in the learning stages of property but looking to get things rolling this year and next.

If you would like to read some more information on Dan Legg's you can check out his Wikipedia page on the button below.

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