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Dan Legg 21st Birthday!

Hey guys, after taking a long time away from social media and the internet itself in general I have recently been working on a short little film in Ibiza for my 21st birthday!

The film is currently being edited and put together but I'm expecting it to be ready in the next week or so and can't wait to share with you guys my 21st birthday holiday!

I decided to fly out to Ibiza with the boys (most of them from school) in order to celebrate as best we can; private jets, villas, yachts, parties, the lot!

Dan Legg, Lewis Burton, Lottie Tomlinson, lewis Hamilton, private jet, ibiza
Private Jet: Arriving in Ibiza airport on Lewis Hamilton's jet with school friends + Lewis Burton and Lottie Tomlinson.


To start the week celebration right we left Bristol airport on Lewis' old private jet and were greeted with lots of food and alcohol on the way there, the photo above is when we had just landed and were all fairly tipsy to say the least. The £25 million private jet was around £50,000 for a return trip.

As soon as we landed we headed over to a beach club and enjoyed lunch as well as plenty more alcohol to prepare for the upcoming week.

Dan Legg, villa, ibiza, holiday, Lewis Burton, Lottie Tomlinson
Villa: Dan and friends relaxed in beautiful villa in the hills of Ibiza during the celebration.


Originally our first villa was cancelled by Airbnb because the previous guests had trashed it however I upgraded last minute to this villa of which was nicer and much bigger, as there was 10 of us it was nicer to have the space, especially for the evenings where we would have people over.

It was an incredible 5 bedroom villa worth around £5 million but about £20,000 for the week to stay in! Each day we would discover new rooms in the villa that we didn't know existed. It was like a maze!

In the film I do a short house tour showing you around most of the villa. We had 5 buggies for the week to help us get around and do some off roading!

medusa yacht, Dan Legg, Lewis Burton, Lottie Tomlinson, ibiza
Medusa Yacht: Dan celebrated his birthday on this £3.5 million yacht.

Super Yacht:

To those that have followed me for a while or know me in person you'll know that I love boats and the sea, so I decided for the day of my birthday I'd get us a yacht to celebrate on. The yacht had 5 bedrooms as well as 4 jet skis, 2 sea bobs, a DJ, hot tub and unreal sound system. We started drinking from around 11am and were off the boat by around 10pm with a visit from the police for partying too loud.

It was such a good day and I would probably go as far as saying it was the best day of my life. The price tag to use the yacht for the day was around £20,000 including chef and aqua toys.

Dan Legg, ibiza, champagne, Lottie Tomlinson, Lewis Burton
Nikki Beach: Dan is carried round with his £5,000 bottle of champagne.

Day out:

We spent our last full day in Ibiza at Nikki beach club where we started off by relaxing and recovering from the previous day and night of drinking.

We started by having lunch and some soft drinks when we got there around 12 mid day, after lunch we started trying to have some more drinks again and got a bit carried away to eventually ordering a 3L bottle of Dom Perignon and a bottle of Cristal which combined were over £10,000. The total bill ended up being near 20,000 euros by the time we had to leave. However the footage in the video from that day was worth the expense!

Dan Legg, Lewis Burton, Lottie Tomlinson, Declan fisher, josh hughes, toby fear, fin Wilkinson, Callum frost, kit Innes
Returning Home: Dan and peers on private jet journey back to home.

Flight home:

The flight home wasn't as lively as the one on the way to Ibiza because we were all hanging and shattered from the week out there.

We had pizzas and burgers on the flight back instead of tons and tons of drinks!

Video release:

The video doesn't have a release date yet as it will be out as soon as its ready, I'm hoping that will be in the next week or two!

I hope you all enjoy the video and find it entertaining!

Lots of love,


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