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About dan legg

Hi there and welcome to Dan Legg’s personal website! Dan Legg is currently 21 years old, born 21st of August 1999. Dan uses the internet to blog and share experiences within his life. He was originally born in Menorca, Spain; Dan became bi-lingual from a very young age as Spanish was his first language, improving on his English when he moved to the UK back in 2010. Dan’s family moved to the UK with the hope of improving his education. However Dan struggled to learn and be educated about topics that he was not interested in resulting him to fail his GCSE’s and A-Levels. Shortly after his fails he discovered the power of the internet to generate an income and built up some successful businesses. Below you will find Dan’s blogs where he shares with the world his life experiences and stories. You can also find Dan Legg on the wikipedia button down below.

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Dan has failed at many things in life but his failures have lead to success. Throughout the years he’s created a few different businesses with the most successful ones being a multiplayer Minecraft server at the age of 13, to discovering how to trade, and eventually the beast that is now TeamFX. 


TeamFX Trading consists on educating people about exchanging currencies and analysing charts to discover patterns, trends and other indicators.


Dan teaches people both online and in-person and uses platforms such as Instagram and Youtube to educate his followers. You can view some of Dan’s work below.

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