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Feb 2020 Updates - TeamFX

I've been developing some new tools for a while now to boost the learning of my students at TeamFX. Previously TeamFX would provide premium education through our Online Course and Analysis Channel. However we've made some changes...

After some consideration I wanted to develop the learning process into something that would be more beneficial and where people can bounce ideas off each other, this wasn't previously possible with the online course, however the first new product we've added is combined with the analysis group, is called the "Discussion Group". The discussion group is designed so that students can discuss ideas and ask questions to other students and real traders, turning the learning into more a community.

Secondly; our most requested addition to TeamFX. The 1-1 Sessions & Group Courses!

I have seen hundreds of emails requesting to do 1-1 Sessions and group courses. Well, I've finally sat down and planned sessions for all levels of traders for the 1-1 sessions as well as the curriculum for our group courses at our trading floor in London!

Oh, and don't forget to check out our free learning section on the TeamFX Website!

If you'd like to visit the TeamFX site, click the button below:

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